How to Brew Nice Tea with Drip Bag?

Have you ever heard of a tool called a “drip bag” that allows you to easily brew tea without using a teapot? Drip bags are recommended for those who do not have a teapot or teapot, or for those who want to drink delicious tea outside the home, such as at the office or park. […]

Types and Differences of Japanese tea

What’s “Japanese Tea”? “Japanese Tea” means the tea produced in Japan as it literally means. It has many varieties and types. I guess most of you remind Sencha(green tea), Hojicha(roasted green tea) or Matcha when you heard about “Japanese tea”, but surprisingly, black tea and oolong tea are also produced in Japan. Did you know […]

Tea Types | Gyokuro

Even if you don’t know much about tea, “Gyokuro” perhaps sounds like a high-class tea. Let us get to know more about Gyokuro, such a high-end tea also called “the king of tea.” What is Gyokuro? Gyokuro is a top-quality Sencha (steeped green tea). Its manufacturing process is the same as Sencha, but they differ […]

Tea Types | Matcha and Tencha

Matcha is used for a drink and also for a snack. It is so popular not only in Japan but also abroad. This article guides you through the wide use of Matcha, from tea ceremony to dessert, and its material Tencha. What are Matcha and Tencha? Even if you know Matcha, you may not know […]

Tea Types | Kamairicha

Tea is divided into “unoxidized tea,” “semi-oxidized tea,” “oxidized tea,” and “fermented tea” according to the degree of oxidation/fermentation. Green tea, which Japanese people drink, is “unoxidized tea.” It can be produced by “the steaming method,” which uses steam, or by “the roasting method,” which uses a pan. Today’s mainstream is the steaming method. Kamairicha, […]

Tea Types | Hojicha (Roasted green tea)

Hojicha makes a brown liquid color and aromatic flavor when it is brewed, which may make you think Hojicha is a different type of tea from green tea, but it is a type of green tea. These days it is popular among the younger generation, being often used for snacks and other drinks such as […]

Tea Types | Kabusecha

The flavor and aroma of tea vary by types, cultivation methods, manufacturing processes, etc. This article introduces “Kabusecha,” which is often confused with Gyokuro. What is Kabusecha? Kabusecha is a tea produced through “covered cultivation,” by which growing fresh buds are covered to avoid sunlight. Its Japanese name can be literally translated into “covered/crowned tea.” […]

Tea Types | Unoxidized Tea(Green Tea)

You may not be familiar with the term “unoxidized tea”. In this article, I’m going to explain about unoxidized tea. What is unoxidized tea? Unoxidized tea is a tea made from tea leaves with little oxidation, and the most of Japanese tea (green tea) is unoxidized tea. By the way, the well-oxidized tea leaves are […]

Tea Types | Oxidized Tea(Black Tea)

The black tea you usually drink is “oxidized tea.” This article is all about the most commonly consumed tea: oxidized tea (black tea). What is oxidized tea (black tea)? Oxidized tea is a tea whose leaves have been fully oxidized. “Black tea” is oxidized tea. There are many cultivars and types of tea, but there […]

Tea Types | Semi-Oxidized Tea(Chinese Tea /Oolong Tea)

Tea can be classified into “unoxidized tea,” “semi-oxidized tea,” “oxidized tea,” and “fermented tea” according to the fermentation/oxidation degree. This article guides you through “semi-oxidized tea,” which is least-talked-about among them. What is semi-oxidized tea? Semi-oxidized tea is a tea that has been oxidized halfway. “Oolong tea” is representative of it. You can consider it […]

Tea Types | Fermented Tea

There are several types of tea that are fermented or oxidized. In particular, “fermented tea” is less-known. This article guides you through “fermented tea,” which is a little strange. What is fermented tea? One of the well-known fermented teas is Pu’ er tea. Fermented tea is the only tea that has been fermented by microbes […]